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Contemporary Political Philosophy:

David's interest in contemporary political philosophy is focussed on transnational socioeconomic justice, the ethics of political violence, as well as conceptions of power and domination. He is also interested in the relationship between ideal theory models and guidance in non-ideal circumstances, with special attention paid to the justifiability of political violence.

The History of Political Thought:

David also works on the history of republican and Marxist political thought. Regarding republicanism, he is interested in the shifting contextual understanding of domination from antiquity to the nineteenth century, but with special interest in the early modern period. As for Marxism, he interested in the development of Marxist theory and its influence on the culture in pre-revolutionary parties and the self-understanding of revolutionaries.

International Relations Theory:

International relations theory comprises a great deal of David’s teaching and as a result he has a healthy interest in developing the connection between matters of global ethics and mainstream IR theory. He has a growing interest in exploring the ethical underpinnings of classical realism.