Gwilym David Blunt
Gwilym David Blunt
Political Theory and International Relations

Political Philosophy and Global Politics

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Gwilym David Blunt

I was born in Canada. I live in the UK. I work at City, University of London. I write and comment on global politics.

Featured Publications


Global Poverty, Injustice, and Resistance

Global poverty is an extreme injustice and that those living in poverty are entitled to resist it. The argument draws on political philosophy and real world examples to develop an accessible argument for any interested reader.

Forthcoming, Cambridge University Press, 2020


Illegal Immigration as Resistance

Illegal socioeconomic immigrants are met with great hostility in the Global North, but this article argues that they do nothing wrong. Those escaping from severe poverty are comparable to fugitive slaves; if you think the latter did nothing wrong, then you cannot condemn the former.

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Is There a Human Right to Resistance?

The right to resistance is a fundamental human right. If human rights are to be more than rhetoric, then people must be able to legitimately resist social institutions that violate their rights.

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Is Global Poverty a Crime Against Humanity?

Global poverty is often compared to crimes against humanity, but this claim is rarely taken to be more than rhetorical. This article argues that global poverty is structurally comparable to two recognised crimes against humanity: slavery and apartheid.

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