Gwilym David Blunt
Gwilym David Blunt
Political Theory and International Relations




Dr. Blunt comments on the current events that relate to his research and international politics in general. He frequently appears on television and radio as well as in print. If you are a journalist feel free to get in touch.





It’s David Cameron to Blame if Boris Johnson Squats in No10

Gwilym David Blunt from City, University of London asks what was worse about David Cameron's administration: Referendum Act or Fixed Terms Parliament Act?

Should Boris Johnson Call a Snap Election?

“If he goes to the polls before the Brexit deadline he is going to be attacked by the Brexit Party on the right, the Lib Dems in the centre and he could very well lose his tenuous hold on power.” - Dr Gwilym David Blunt on Boris Johnson’s chances in a snap general election.

EU Brexit co0ordinator slams both johnson and hunt’s brexit approach

"They will have to be thinking whether they can pursue the 'global Britain' policy while alienating the Chinese" says Dr Gwilym David Blunt from City, University of London as the EU's #Brexit co-ordinator slams both Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt's #Brexit approach. Like what you see?


Boris Johnson Ahead after first round of tory leadership voting

"I thought he was going to win, but this is something that is almost unstoppable" says Dr Gwilym David Blunt from City, University of London as Boris Johnson is ahead after first round of Tory leadership voting.

Blunt: “Damned if you do, Damned if you don’t if you’re Boris Johnson”

"It's damned if you do, damned if you don't if you're Boris Johnson" says Dr Gwilym David Blunt from City, University of London after Jean-Claude Juncker says there will be no renegotiation on the #WithdrawalAgreement. Like what you see?

European Elections: What now for nationalists?

Nationalist and far right parties have more seats than ever after the European elections. Are they now a major force in the EU`s parliament?


cabinet office minister confirms UK to fight EU elections this month

"Parliament can't sort it, government can't sort it, maybe we should throw it back to the people" says Dr Gwilym David Blunt from City, University of London after David Lidington confirms UK will fight EU elections at the end of May. Is a second referendum the only way out of this Brexit mess?

blunt: “will May’s successor want to follow up deal with Jeremy Corbyn?”

"Will her successor want to follow up with whatever deal she strikes up with Jeremy Corbyn?" asks Dr Gwilym David Blunt from City, University of London believes that Theresa May has no option but to comply to the EU now. Like what you see?

brexit crunchtime as Theresa May yet to secure concessions before vote

"If she can't get her Brexit Deal through for the second time having pushed so many times - I don't think she can survive as PM" says Dr Gwilym Blunt from City, University of London as it's Brexit crunchtime as Theresa May is yet to secure concessions before tonight's vote.


Blunt: “Would anyone want to step into Downing Street after Theresa May?”

Would anyone want to step into Number 10 after Theresa May leaves? Dr Gwilym David Blunt from City, University of London suggests that many people have had a change of heart since the 2016 #Brexit referendum. Are you one of them? Like what you see?

Brexit give us a clue?

Dr. Gwilym David Blunt speaks to RT UK (26.03.2019) RT UK




David Cameron's 'biggest mistake': How Boris Johnson could shame former PM at No10

by Darren Hunt


“I do not think we are witnessing the end of the European project”

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Brexit: Boris Johnson pourra-t-il rapidement faire sortir le Royaume-Uni de l’UE?

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Brexit: Boris Johnson punterà ad accordo commerciale con gli Usa in caso di no-deal

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Boris Johnson, un giocatore d’azzardo come premier

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Regno Unito: Boris Johnson nuovo premier, tra Brexit e Iran

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Brexit, Boris Johnson sul no-deal fa sul serio? Analisti divisi

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Trump in Regno Unito, ostaggio della geografia

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