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My primary aim as an educator is to help my students critically engage with their views on society, politics, and international relations. I want them to develop a perspective that is global but recognises that there is no ‘view from nowhere’. We are rooted individuals, but that does not mean we cannot engage in criticism of the way the world works. Politics intrinsically raises ethical questions and attempts to reduce political questions to merely technical issues neglects the most important element of our discipline.

I am a progressive conservative when it comes to pedagogy. I am happy to embrace new technologies and approaches to teaching when they have a demonstrably positive influence on the student experience. However, I believe the core of the university experience is a structured and engaging lecture, actively facilitated seminars, and, most importantly, personal contact between students and academics. These are the fundamental building blocks of the university.

Selected Current and Past Courses

City, University of London

IP1014: Myths and Mysteries in World Politics

IP1015: International Relations Theories

IP2020: Advanced Theories of Global Politics

IP3017: Final Year Dissertations

IP3025: Global Ethics: Power and Principles in World Politics

IPM103: Theories of International Politics

IPM111: MA Dissertation

IPM117: Global Ethics: Principles, Power and Politics

University of Cambridge

Pol2: International Society

Pol3: Ethics and World Politics

Pol8: History of Political Thought from c.1700 - c.1890