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Swinson's Gambit

On Friday I said pretty unequivocally that parliament would not grant Johnson an election. He doesn’t have the numbers. However, I made a rather basic oversight. The UK is not a two-party system.. The LibDems and SNP have shown how disruptive they can be. Is their election gambit reckless or sound strategic thinking?

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Should Boris Johnson Call a Snap Election?

It is almost inevitable that we are heading to a general election in the UK, but the threat to the Conservative Party has been lost amidst Boris Johnson’s optimistic bombast. Tory strategy is coming in shape with the Vote Leave government, but there are at least two reasons to be cautious: LibDems in the suburbs and the challenge of selling the Tory brand in the North (especially while surrounded by the Rule Britannia gang).

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Boris Johnson, PM: What Comes Next?

Boris Johnson has been elected leader of the Conservative Party and presumably he will form a new government. The leitmotif of his campaign was optimism; that all the country needs is a Prime Minister with positive attitude and a good Brexit deal would follow. This myth is about to collide with reality and the question we should all be asking is: What Happens Next? #BorisDay #NextPrimeMinister

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